Men of Mettle

Print Paper: Hahnemuhle Premium Photo Rag Fine Art Archival Paper
Print dimenstions above are listed in inches.
Dimensions: Each print follows the art's original proportion-length matches longer side of selected print size, width retains original aspect ratio. The image has a 1/2 inch border.

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Mettle, it's a word we hardly hear in every day life anymore. Most dictionaries define mettle simply as "Courage and fortitude; spirit. An inherent quality of character and temperament." It seems there is a basic lack of mettle these days, where people took struggle, discomfort and pain and turned it into something positive; Gospel, soul, the blues, graffiti, break-dancing and such all took some kind of mettle. Today is all about internet-ting, digitizing and socializing all in solitude. Maybe the children of tomorrow will change that, maybe the youth will create new forms of global interactions, maybe it will be so fabulous it won’t even need internet! Maybe they will have the mettle!