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“Loupe, which allows for the high-quality streaming of art across all devices, has consistently proven its ability to curate channels which speak to the specific inclinations of art lovers everywhere, while also allowing for the easy, fluid discovery of the new. But with ‘Colors of Pride,’ they’ve gone and wedded that mission to a higher purpose.”
BlackBook Magazine
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“Artists can trust that their artwork will be seen in millions of homes across the U.S. with an awe-inspiring translation of the depth, detail, and nuance of the original,” – Takashi Nakano, head of global business development for Samsung TV Plus
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“Delivering the Loupe art streams to fully take advantage of Samsung’s 4K technology is especially gratifying to our team… we hope staying true to the original vision of Loupe artists around the world.” – Loupe CEO Dot Bustelo
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“Loupe announces its streaming art service is now available to millions of Comcast’s Xfinity customers over the Internet on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex.”
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“Loupe’s programming is refreshingly unique — and perhaps proof that in 2020, a TV network doesn’t need to look like plain old cable anymore, or even be on cable for that matter, to be successful.”
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“Loupe was ahead of the curve in the digital age, creating an online art experience that may change the course of art viewing forever.”
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