Speaker Jill

Speaker Jill

Jill Brandenburg is a Writer / Speaker / Artist / Activist. Her vision of a career in art began in elementary school, but came to fruition after earning an Applied Arts Degree in 1991 and spending the next 20+ years as a graphic designer.

During the Covid lockdown, she began painting again and used her years in graphic art to create her vision of pop art. After her most recent gallery showing in Downtown Dallas where she currently resides, she has ventured into the new world of digital and NFT art.

From the Artist... My first art “job” was in the fifth grade when I got to draw the cartoon strip for my elementary school paper. Doodling was the extent of my creativity until finally receiving my degree from art school at 26, that is when I began chasing my dream of working in advertising. After almost twenty years in the industry, I began painting again and conceived this idea of Commercialized Cubism that derived from my love of pop culture. The vibrant colors, popular icons and logos are melded together with styles of both cubist and pop art genres.

Acrylics are my medium of choice and the use of a palette knife is the start to all of my pieces — and for my Broken Series, it ends after the digitally manipulated file is printed back onto the painted canvas.This creative process stems from my feelings of disconnect between being a corporate graphic designer and the true artist hidden behind the design constraints of my life. My works have always been inspired by Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso; most recently by Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. My art invokes nostalgia, and that garners an initial reaction of joyful memories, but with those memories come a longing of moments from one’s past.

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