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Print Paper: Hahnemuhle Premium Photo Rag Fine Art Archival Paper
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Dimensions: Each print follows the art's original proportion-length matches longer side of selected print size, width retains original aspect ratio. The image has a 1/2 inch border.

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Gallery Frames: Handcrafted pine (black/white) or walnut (natural) with UV-filtering acrylic plexiglass and optional acid-free mat

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Created in 2020 Digital Art piece from collection Ori Bird. "Lara J. Trad aims at telling stories in each and every painting. What first strikes the viewer in her paintings is the absence of well defined, recognizable faces, and to that, her explanation is that her initial intent is to not only show, express, or tell a story, but also experiment in what she's trying to discover. Lara J.'s deepest artistic concern is to connect with each viewer's subconscious, far from dictating a precise and limiting reaction."