After Warhol

Print Paper: Hahnemuhle Premium Photo Rag Fine Art Archival Paper
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Dimensions: Each print follows the art's original proportion-length matches longer side of selected print size, width retains original aspect ratio. The image has a 1/2 inch border.

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Created in 2019. The vices of the first world have become the burden of the third. Globalization has moved forward unevenly and no-one can say where this ""New Frontier"" is leading us. We pride ourselves on industrialization manufactured from the bones of a dying world. The nature of the earnings that define late capitalism have incidentally raped us of nature itself. Over the past thirty years, we have witnessed the relationship between capital and labor growing increasingly estranged, and exploitation becoming pivotal. Yet as the natural world is liquidated and substituted with an artificial one, the publics attention is hijacked by the flickering light of the screen, finding solace in the empty promises it proposes for the future it truncates.