Nuria González Alcaide

Nuria González Alcaide

Nuria González Alcaide is a 26 year old self-taught Spanish artist currently living in Barcelona. As a background, she has studied Hotel Management and Tourism and has worked as a chef for the past seven years.

She has always painted, but only as a hobby. Since the end of 2020, she started to realize and to accept which was her true passion and has begun to develop her artistic career in a more professional way.

She has recently done a 6 week workshop at “Metàfora studio arts program” in Barcelona where she has had the opportunity to learn new techniques and adapt them to her work.

Nuria has exhibited in “The Holy Art” and in “Art Show International”, both virtual exhibitions. As for physical, she has exhibited in the “Asociación Española de Pintores y Escultores” in Madrid and in “Abartium, Galería y estudio” in Vic, Catalunya (Spain). She has been published by “No Name Collective” magazine. Nuria has done an online residency at “Mango, residencia para artistas” where she developed a video-art about the impact of human garbage on the animal world.

Nuria González Alcaide is a 26-year-old self-taught painter who has gone through an introversion process. Now, she is able to connect with what she wants to capture and transmit with her works. This process begins with the barrier that she always found when creating. She didn’t feel she was free, both mentally and emotionally. The term perfection was part of that limit that she set herself every day, and by being able to go beyond it, her vision of art has totally changed. Instead of having perfection as a weakness, she has decided to use it to create.

She focuses on the emotions and feelings that are hidden in today’s society. She uses that because of her personal experience trying to fit in this world. Today, she has realized she does not need to fit in, she needs to be happy with what she does. That's a message she sends too with her artworks; she encourages the viewer to follow their heart and dreams. She also finds inspiration on the concept of life, where she tries to break our “planned” days and tells that life is in constant changing and movement, on our thoughts, where she draw them and says they are more real than we thought, and on the human pain, where it goes and how we deal with it.

While creating, she focuses on the use of color and texture that she accomplishes with layers, mediums and the scratch technique, as long as plays with the size of the canvas and its material. Those layers are the reflection of the patches that humans on throughout our lives.

As for her references, Yayoi Kusama, Josef Albers, Frank Stella and Mark Rothko are part of her creative process.

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