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Gallery Frames: Handcrafted pine (black/white) or walnut (natural) with UV-filtering acrylic plexiglass and optional acid-free mat

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Created in 2021. Created 2021 This country thrives off diversity but too often we find ourselves focusing on the things that makes us different from one another. It can be where we come from, the language we speak, the religion we practice, skin tone, etc. We then create more separation and intolerance for one another. Commonalities represent all that we share in common no matter one's background. I utilized an array of different brown colors to showcase the diversity within our skin tones. The textured fabrics such as the paisley, suede, denim, leather, African print, quilt, etc. reveal the ways in which we all hold unique experiences with them. One can point out the common threads that unite us and begin to see people for who they are rather than the labels. It’s through these differences that one can lift the veil and see all that we actually share in common.